Tuesday, March 5, 2013

selling things on etsy, or: how i ended up making a bunch of crafts for myself

I love love love hand painting wooden letters, boards, and frames with various prints and patterns. I have branched out to canvases, and even small jewelry boxes, all of which I sell on Etsy... but something is still not clicking.
I've tried sponsoring my items, I promote the heck out of stuff to my 200+ fans on Facebook, and I have even done a few giveaways on various other blogs. Etsy seems to have blown up lately, and handcrafted items are a dime a dozen. People seem to pick and choose items based on price rather than quality, and I'm coming to find that in order to sell items, I would have to not even pay myself for the time spent.

I enjoy painting so much that I find myself making things even when I don't have orders (this seems to be a decent amount of the time), and I am starting to run out of wall space. I have crafted for my friends' birthdays that are months away to photograph them as prototypes, and I have also taken to giving random gifts to people for the same reasons.

Something is still not working. So much so that I wonder why I bother posting things onto my Facebook brand page if the only people who like my photos and posts are my mom, my boyfriend's mom, and my college roommate. I mean, they practically have to ;)

Has anyone had a great Etsy epiphany that I might be missing? I sometimes feel like there's some sort of magical thing that I need to figure out and everything will finally click.

I'd love the hear what you think, if anyone is reading this! :)

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