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My name is Denise, I'm a 24 year old Illinois State University graduate and Alpha Delta Pi alumnae! I love to run, read, bake, travel and I especially love crafting. I'm constantly doing something, whether it be creating random reasons to visit Hobby Lobby, reading a book, or making my boyfriend, Brendan, baked goods-I'm usually one of the first people to try something I see on Pinterest!

I was so very lucky and blessed to be a member of Alpha Delta Pi in my time in college. The sisterhood I found and the friends I made have changed my life for the better, and continue to influence me day to day. I am an only child by birth, but nothing has been better than sharing in the best sisterhood college had to offer and gaining sisters all around the world. I currently serve as an alumna advisor to a local Alpha Delta Pi chapter and am loving the experience!

My parents are a blast, and between the three of us (with special thanks to my great-uncle) we have seen quite a bit of the world! Currently I am helping my dad train for his first marathon, as well as aspiring to have "Michelle Obama arms" with my mother.

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