Wednesday, March 6, 2013

eat this much

I dabble in using MyFitnessPal to monitor the foods I'm eating and the exercise I'm doing, but sometimes I struggle with allotting myself food over the course of the day. There have been many times when I have a bigger than usual lunch and find that I'm left with only 300 calories for dinner, and as luck may have it, it's pasta night. eliminates a lot of these issues in a seriously easy way. Tell the generator how many calories you want to eat and in how many meals and it comes up with a simple, straightforward answer. In this case I put 1500 calories in 3 meals (jokes!) and was given the image below.
You can save a meal so that it comes up again next time it generates, or banish a meal that has yucky things in it. There's a special feature that generates by diet (Atkins/Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian), and you can also specify how much preparation you want to go into each meal. 

This site is pretty bare bones, but extremely useful and gave me some really great inspiration as to what I should be eating. I figure 1500 calories was a decent amount plus 200 give or take calories to put towards things that the site doesn't have programmed in (aka I work at a bakery so cupcakes and other yummies). You can also add recipes of things you cook and have them shuffled into the mix. 

Overall this was really cool, and definitely worth checking out!


  1. Hmm ill have to check this out. I have a hard time sticking to apps such as these becaues I forget. I did hear about one where you take pictures of all you eat, but its not available for android! I like that it saves certain meals though because I tend to eat a lot of the same stuff. Thanks for the info :)

    1. I have such a hard time with apps too! Honestly, this was not something I continued using after I posted about it ;) oops! It's a good idea on principle though! Haha That app sounds pretty cool though, much easier than trying to search what all you had eaten
      Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment!