Sunday, March 3, 2013

apothecary jars and bathroom plans

Lately I've been pin pin pinning away lots of creative DIYs for around the house, but haven't had much time or inspiration of my own to get to creating. Yesterday morning I woke up at 7am for no apparent reason, and immediately started behaving like an over-caffeinated Martha Stewart. I've been wanting to redo my beach-themed bathroom into something slightly more subdued (right now there is actual sand on the walls and fishing net draped over the shower). I want to take a more minimalist approach, especially in terms of the clutter that is on the counter. By the time I'm finished with the redo I plan to streamline my makeup collection, install PVC pipes under the sink to store my hot tools, as well as paint the walls.

Making these apothecary-style jars was ridiculously easy, and even cheaper to do. I went to Dollar Tree and snagged three glass candlesticks from their housewares section ($3 total). They're the same height, but the different size jars give the look some variety which I really like. Check out the rest of their glasswares to see if they have lidded jars- in my case they didn't so I went to Hobby Lobby. HL had a glass sale, so I paid about $2 each for the jars and there was a lot of variety.

Head over to the model building section, and pick up E6000 bonding agent, which is pretty much an all-purpose type of glue. THIS STUFF IS STRONG! This is really important because my jars will be in a bathroom, where it gets pretty warm and steamy from the shower, and I would hate for them to start coming apart. Fix the candlestick to the bottom of the jar, and turn right side up so they can dry.

I made these in less time than it took me to walk from my car to the front door of the store, and I think they will be a nice start to staying organized in my bathroom.

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