Saturday, May 4, 2013

8 Pieces I'm Dying to Have

Clothes and potential outfits occupy probably 75% of my thoughts at any given time.. Shoes account for a majority of the rest, and then about 5% is motor skills and thinking. But really, I'm only half kidding! ;)
These are some items from designers and brands that I've been reaaaaaally really into lately- my 8 Must Haves, if you will. I hope that by writing this post, they'll magically find their way to my closet!

1. Maybooks Custom Monogrammed Planner (from $20)- Maybooks is a control freak's dream company. There are more patterns, monogram shapes, and styles of planners than even the most organized person could ever have a use for. They're such a fun brand to follow on Instagram as well because they always repost photos that customers upload!
2. Kate Spade Seaport Watch ($150)- I have an obsession with watches, and lately I've been itching to expand my already large collection. I love the gold accents with the bright pink, perfect for summer.
3. Tiffany & Co. Key Necklace ($250)- For the past five years I have been fixated on all things keys, especially ones that are made by Tiffany's. I also accept keys made by BMW and Audi, as long as the keys open actual vehicles.
4. Lilly Pulitzer Alpha Delta Pi Bangle ($48)- The ADPi Lilly print is absolutely perfect. Really, enough said there. I wear my fair share of blue and white as it is, so I definitely need this bangle in my life even more.
5. Sperry for J. Crew Seersucker Top-Siders ($98)- I almost had a heart attack in J.Crew the first time I saw these. Seersucker season is back and I couldn't be happier about it. I work in a bakery, so closed toe shoes are a must, and Sperry's are oh-so perfect.
6. Mary Beth Goodwin Design iPhone 4 case ($53)- I LOVE Mary Beth Goodwin and her designs. I stumbled across her Facebook page last summer and have been so ridiculously happy that I did since then. She has since expanded her line significantly and is doing such amazing things. Be sure to follow her on Instagram, she's always posting awesome stuff and sale information! She is also a New York Giants fan, so obviously I am an even bigger fan of hers for that alone! ;)
7. Lilly Pulitzer Delia Dress in Let's Cha Cha ($168)- It was love at first sight with this pattern, and I officially want everything in this pattern. Seriously.
8. Kiel James Patrick Barnstable Bag ($148)- Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers are literally the cutest couple I have ever seen (via the Internet, of course... wish we were real life friends, especially Sarah because we could totally share closets! I digress...) and their brand is amazing. Handcrafted, American made products are something that everyone could use a lot more of. I love supporting local businesses, as well as companies who make their things in the United States, and KJP is a fine example of that. 

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